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About BuddyLine Why BuddyLine? A long time ago, when internet was in its baby shoes, I found that I needed a platform to store and work with my files online, no matter where I am. The internet wasn’t dynamic as it is now, and there were no free service providers in that time who offered anything similar. Also I didn’t like to have my files on anyones server. So I developed a file manager based on PHP/MySQL where the front end was done with Html, JS, jQuery, JSON and alike, and I run it on my own servers. My needs grew, so I worked permanently on new features and it became a terrific solution to work with files online and share it to others.

But I still found, I needed to have a solution for everything. I didn’t want to have several different resources for certain activities, like contacting friends, listening to music or watching movies online, playing computer games or finding new friends. So I took the whole thing and turned it into a social platform, where all the functionalities came together, such as general features of a social network, a dating site, a place for entertainment, collaboration and a file hosting platform.

Since the main features are ready, it really helps me at my work and studies, I can access to everything, wherever I currently am. I didn’t want to keep this for my own, so I decided to offer this to everyone for free, to fellow students, friends or anyone who derives benefit from it.

BuddyLine is a free, advertising-free and private service of mine. I do not earn money from it, and your data is not given to others.