Keep in touch and find new friends around the world
Basics and first steps
Information about BuddyLine

What is BuddyLine and what can I do with it?
BuddyLine is a new social network which bunches the main features of current networks and offers you all these at one central place. You don't need Facebook, Twitter or various dating sites, or any separate game-, video, music- or file sharing platforms anymore. All bunches at one place and will be the central point of your social life.

The network
BuddyLine first and foremost is a social network which allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family, to share information with them and your life.

Dating and knowing new people
Furthermore BuddyLine allows you to meet up new people every day in an very easy way, share your life with them and flirt with them, or even meet up in real life.

Entertainment and Games
No matter where you are, watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite music and share all this with your friends. Upload your own videos and mp3-files and share it with others.

Furthermore you can access online to numerous, breathtaking games and get entertained at the highest stage, by directly using your web browser. You don't need to install additional software. Sign up and just start to play!

Store your files online and safety and access it from everywhere on the world from various devices. Save money for software licenses and edit your office files and photos directly online. No matter if student, scholar, company or private person – share your files for collaboration with other people and decide what they can do with it.

Upload multiple files within seconds and share it with your friends or with people who do not have a BuddyLine account. Public and secure download links allow you in an easy way to provide your content to others. Just send your link to others and let them access to your files – you also can upload very large files.
Is BuddyLine for free?
Yes, all services on BuddyLine are for free and will remain for free.
How can I create a profile on BuddyLine?
At the login page you will find a link called "Register", which you can use to easily create an account at our site within seconds. Or click here, to open a new account now.
How do I activate a new account?
After the registration on our site you will receive an e-mail automatically, which contains a link for the activation. In the mail you can click on "Activate now" to activate your account. After that you fully can use all services on BuddyLine. Please make sure that you enter a correct e-mail address when you register, so that you can activate your account.
Who can register on BuddyLine?
On BuddyLine everyone can register with the age of 18 years.
Which content is allowed on BuddyLine?
Principally our terms and conditions are valid. On BuddyLine all content is allowed that does not violate the law. There are no limitations of content, as long as it does not violates the legislation. Content is allowed that requires an age of 18 years, as the users on BuddyLine have to be at least 18 years old. You are responsible for the content that you publish on BuddyLine. We reserve the right to remove misanthropic and racist content.
In which countries BuddyLine is available?
BuddyLine is available in all countries. There are no limitations.
Is BuddyLine available for SmartPhones?
BuddyLine for SmartPhones is currently being developed and will be available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. We hope for your patience.
First steps

How do I create a profile picture?
Click on the blue man in your profile. Upload your photo and select the area which you want to use as your profile photo. If everything fits, click on preview and save your profile picture then.
How do I delete or change my profile picture?
Click on your profile picture in your profile and click on delete or repeat the steps to create a new profile picture.
How can I find people and new friends?
Click on the orange "plus-symbol" at the top left. You can search by specific criterias for people, or enter a name or e-mail address of a person. Furthermore you can use the search field at the top right at any time to search for people. If you found interesting people, click on their profile and chose "Add to friends".
How does the Online/Offline-button works?
The Online/Offline-Button shows, if a person currently is online or offline. Furthermore you can set your status to offline in your profile, if you not want that someone can see you are online. It will show everywhere that you are offline then.
How do I send and manage messages?
Click on the profile of a friend or a person and enter a message in the lower area of the messenger window. Click on the button "Send message" to send the message. The person will be informed about the new message instantly.

Furthermore you can access easily to the message history of every person in the tab "Messages". In the message section all your messages will be sorted by persons. When you select a message history, all messages of that person will be shown, and you can directly send messages to this persons from your message history, similair as in a chat application. In the message history you can also refresh your inbox to see if there are new messages of that person. The red circles with numbers in the tab show you, that you have received new messages and how many. With the red X you can delete all messages of a person at once.
What are Emotions and how do they work?
The Emotions offer you, same as in real life, to express your feelings for a person. You can just wink at a person, give a kiss or show that you are in love. The person will receive a notify about your emotion then.
How do I start to chat with a person?
Click on the profile of a friend or a person and click on "Start a chat now" in the lower area of the messenger window. If this button does not appear at a person's profile, the person has deactivated the availability by chat.
What are user ratings and how do they work?

On each profile page you can click on the five stars next to the profile picture, to rate a person. One star is a bad rating whereas five stars is the best rating. By rating a person you show how sympathic a person appears to you. If this function is not available at a person's user profile, the person has deactivated this function.

How I can update my status on my wall?
You can enter your current status in your profile next to your profile picture. Your status also is visible in the "Follow-section" for other people.
How can I delete messages or comments from my wall?
Point your cursor over a message or a comment. On the right a symbol for deletion will appear which you can click to delete a message or a comment.
How can I publish photos and videos on my wall?
Below the status field on the user profile are symbols to insert videos and photos. Click on the photo-symbol, to upload one more photos to your gallery. The pictures will appear directly on your profile also.

If you want to publish a vide, click on the video-symbol (clapperboard). You can directly search for Youtube-videos and post it on your profile wall. Of course you can directly paste links from Youtube and Vimeo into your status field.

These functions you can use on your own wall and the wall of other people.
How can I make a video snapshot?
Below the status field on the user profile is a webcam-symbol. Click on it to start your webcam. Please accept the request to access to your cam. Now you can make one or more snapshots and share it on your profile.

These functions you can use on your own wall and the wall of other people.
How can I share files with friends and members?
Go to your profile and click on "Filemanagement". Here you can create directories for groups, friends and members or publish it for all.

If you want to publish a directory for one or more groups, please create a group before and add persons to this group.

After creating a directory, you can edit it and setup permissions for groups and persons. You can setup that persons can download files only, upload files or edit and delete files.
How can I share files to people who are not members?
On every file appears a public download link. Share this link to others to offer a direct download.
How can I see that there is a new event?
On each new event you will see directrly a red notification circle in every tab with a number showing the current new events. For example by receiving new messages or friend requests.

Furthermore you will receive an E-Mail notification if you have not deactivated this function.
How can I see what other people are doing?
Click on "Follow" in the main menu to see what your friends and other people are doing.
Managing my account

Information about my person and my interests
Here you can enter all your personal information. These will appear in your profile in the "details" tab. In the privacy-settings you can setup who is allowed to see which information.
Changing my birthdate
The birthdate can not be changed. When you register for an account, please verify to enter your correct information.
Making my profile public for the internet
Of course you can make your profile public and easily accessible to share information for non-members.

In your profile click on "User profile" and then "User information". Here you can enter an user name at "Profile link". Share this link to others to let them access your profile.

Make sure that in your privacy settings "Who can view my profile" is set to "Public (internet)". You also will be found more easily in the internet with this setting.
Who can manage my profile?
Only you can edit your profile.
What does contingent means?
Your contingent shows you, how much disk space and data transfer is available for you and how much you have already used. We steadily work to extend your resrouces.
Delete account
You can delete your account at any time easily.

In your profile click on "User profile" and then on "User information". In the tab "Delete" you can delete your user account permanently.

Making information accessible for certain persons only
You can protect your privacy by showing your private information only to certain persons.

In your profile click on "User profile" and then on "Privacy". Here you can setup the desired options in the section "Showing information".
Allow certain persons only, to send information to me
You can protect your privacy by receiving information only from certain persons.

In your profile click on "User profile" and then on "Privacy". Here you can setup the desired options in the section "Receiving information".
Applications, which access to my information
Some applications access to your information. You can deceide, which applications can access and which not.

In your profile click on "User profile" and then on "Privacy". Here you can setup the desired options in the section "Applications".
Setup to be available by chat
You can deceide to be available by chat or not.

In your profile click on "User profile" and then on "Privacy". Here you can setup the desired options in the section "Applications".
E-Mail notifications

Setup on which event you want to be informed
You can setup on which events (e.g. new mail of a friend) you want to be notified by E-Mail.

In your profile click on "User profile" and then on "Notifies". Here you can setup the desired options.
Popular functions and apps

What is the wall and what can I do with it?
On your wall or other people's wall you can write your status, let others know what you currently are doing, share videos from famous video portals such as Youtube and Vimeo, upload music and photos or even make webcam snapshots and directly publish it on your wall. Of course you can write comments to messages.

Furthermore you can find the most important information about a person. Also you can setup your Online/Offline button there or rate other people with stars.
What is "Follow"?
In this section you can follow other people and see what your friends and other persons are currently doing, what they are writing, commenting, if they uploaded new photos, videos or music and numerous other information.
The photo album
The photo album is an important component to represent your personality. Here you can easily upload photos by clicking on the upload button, you even can select multiple files from your computer at the same time, they will be availabe instantly.

You can find the photo album in every user profile located under the tab "Photos".
The section messages allows you an extremely effectively way to communicated with other people.

Here all messages will be filtered by persons already. That means you do not have a confusing inbox as known from other E-Mail applications, we will show your messages sorted by persons already.

When you receive a new message, you will be informed and at the top of your inbox will not be the mail itself, you will see the person from which the message was sent and by clicking on it you will get the complete message history with that person and of course on top the new mail of that person marked as a new mail.

This makes your inbox very clear and you will find immediately what you are looking for.

In the message history of a person, you can enter and send your message, similar as in a chat. Your sent message also will appear on top of the message history marked as sent message and your communication partner will have the message directly in his inbox.

With the blue arrow you can refresh your inbox and with the red X you can delete all messages at once.
Direct chat
The direct chat allows you to communicate live with a person without long waiting times. You can chat by typing or even by webcam. By using the webcam, you can see the person and the person can see you, and you can communicate by talking. Also you can share files, photos and use other helpful functions. You can chat with multiple persons at the same time and will be informed if someone wants to start chatting with you.
In this section you get an overview about several actions and they will be sorted by frequency of an event. For example you will see the persons with whom you have exchanged the most messages, the most emotions or last visitors etc.

Furthermore you have a geographical map of my friends location
What is MeetUp?
MeetUp is a dating function. You can see random persons and can click on Yes or No if you want to meet this person in real. When you click on Yes or No, another person will be suggested to you.

You can define the search criteria to filter the persons by gender, age or location.
What is FaceBattle?
In FaceBattle you will see two persons. You can decide which person is more sympathetic to you. Click on Yes at the person, whom you think is more sympathetic to you.

You can define the search criteria to filter the persons by gender, age or location.
Games and Entertainment
In the section "Games" you will find numerous, breathtaking games. Just select your game and start to play.
Videos and MP3
You can upload your own videos and mp3-music, play it online everywhere and share it with other people.
Common management and editing of files
You can upload files, create files online and directly edit it online in your browser without additional software, edit pictures online and share your files with other people. You can also upload files and share it with people who are not members on BuddyLine.
Filesharing allows you, similar to other great download platforms, to anonymously provide files also to non-members by one-click.

You can select multiple files and upload it at once, and you can upload very large files as well.
Collaboration with persons and companies
We give you the possibility to share your information with others, especially files and documents, edit it online, setup in which way others can edit it, you can create groups and directories, follow changes on files and who has done the changes.

Multiple functions allow you to work online, to save time and money and to save recourses. It is for free and simplifies your daily work enormously. No matter if student, scholar, company or a private person - you are always able to work with your data stock in cooperation with others – free and from everywhere around the world.
Be informed about news
In the section "Newsletters" you will be informed about news. You will receive an E-Mail and you can read it at any time in the section "Newsletter" where it is archived permanently.